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Arcotechniques General Consulting is a general consulting and contracting organization established in 1985 and headquartered in Dubai, U.A.E., with a branch in Italy.

The company manages a variety of complex projects worldwide which span from the realization of technological solutions for the automotive and energy sectors to the design and construction of theme parks and touristic centers and attractions.


All projects share one common denominator: the very first step in their conceptualization consists in listening to our Customers’ wants and needs in order to best define the solutions which can satisfy them.

In crafting our proposals and developing our projects we are supported by an international network of technical and technological experts. Sustainability is a fundamental driver of all our projects which aim at reducing our impact on the planet and harvesting or producing energy from renewable sources.


Sports are in our DNA and we like to get engaged in motorsport and sailing competitions with the same passion and enthusiasm we put in our projects.


Bertram Amorth is a manager and an entrepreneur with an experience of over 45 years in various fields and across different disciplines. With a background in mechanical engineering and motorsport competitions he started his career as managing director of motorbike racing teams and as commercial manager of bike sales in Austria. He then worked for a few years as the managing director of an Italian trucking company, developing experience in the field of sea and land transports. Eventually he moved back to the world of motorsports and worked in the world of Formula 3 and Formula 1 starting up competition teams.

In 1985 he founded Arcotechniques, an agency for business development in several technical fields and started working as a consultant for the development of new products and components for a large number of companies worldwide. Mr. Amorth specialized in designing and selling gears and gearboxes both for serial production and for competitions, an area where he is still conducting business.



Luca Lucchese is a manager with solid foundations in engineering and management. He received a M.S. and a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from prime Italian academic institutions. He has an experience of more than 20 years mainly in the manufacturing and industrial sectors which he developed by working in various international companies and complex organizations as general manager, chief operating officer, and marketing director.

He also has an important academic background, having conducted research and taught courses as a professor of electrical engineering in U.S. universities for over 10 years. In Arcotechniques he acts as Executive Vice President for Finance and Strategy and General Manager.



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