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Arcotechniques provides solutions to turn any kind of organic waste from civilization (municipal solid waste, sewage sludge, organic waste material from industrial and agricultural processes, plastic materials, tires, etc.) to green energy in the form of synthetic gas and hydrogen with very high efficiency and near zero emissions.

The process we use to convert waste to energy is called Thermo-Chemical Gasification (TCG) and the plants we build from the ground up to implement it are designed with our proprietary and patented technological platform.


Independent assessments of the TCG technology conducted in the U.S. rated it as one of the foremost methods available today for reducing the importance of liquid fossil fuels in energy generation in a most environmentally-friendly and safe manner and recommended it to the United States Senate.

The TCG technology is able to utilize any carbonaceous materials, solid waste, sewage sludge, coal and other solid and liquid hydrocarbon materials in virtually any combination as feed stock, with the following distinct advantages:

  • It provides the most economical carbon conversion (99,96%), utilization or neutralization.

  • A unit capacity of 250/500 tons of dry (input) feedstock material is the optimum size for mixed or single feed material setups.

  • It has near zero emission, limited noise and limited to no dust or water emission or discharge.

  • It is a flexible system for producing electric energy and heat energy within a wide range, from a few MWh/h up to 50-60 MWh/h or much larger in the case of systems consisting of 10-15 or even more basic TCG Units.

  • It does not require a specific or unique infrastructure, utilities or supporting units other than those already integral to the system.

  • It is a modular system, easily dismantled and re-established on a different site if required.

  • It is designed for and capable of continuous operation and is self-sustaining: after initial start-up using external energy heat source, the system utilizes a small part of the produced synthetic gas for maintaining the process (“Island Power Plant”).


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